Delivering the Best of B2B Events

Delivering the Best of B2B Events

Delivering the Best of B2B Events

Our Vision

To be an internationally recognized organization in the learning industry and become a chosen provider for the employees and clients with quality trainings and conferences

Our Mission

Providing quality trainings with originality, innovation and ingenuity. We thrive to bring originality and imagination to employees by creating better platforms of learning. Our aim is to offer a unique educational experience for better career growth

Our Values

  • Ethical Practices
  • Teamwork
  • Respect

Who We Are 🡣

N3 Events is dedicated organization with a dedicated team working around the world delivering quality trainings and conferences. Headquartered in India, we work along various clients globally based on the demands and requirements.

We work with our clients very closely to achieve their goals as we believe their success to be our success. We give opportunity for our participants to question, learn and go through engaging interactive courses.

What We Do 🡣

Public Tranings

In-House Trainings


Social Media

Virtual Classes

Weekend Classes

Why Choose Us? 🡣

Cost Savings & Buying Power

N3 Events has established preferred relationships with a wide range of trusted industry suppliers.



Processes & Systems

What Make Us The Best?

At N3 Events, we take pride in being the epitome of excellence in the realms of conferences, training, and exhibitions. What sets us apart and makes us the best in the industry is our unwavering commitment to fostering knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and cutting-edge innovation.

Expert Curation of Conferences: Our conferences stand as beacons of industry expertise, meticulously curated to bring together thought leaders, visionaries, and professionals. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment where the latest trends, challenges, and solutions are explored and discussed.

Transformative Training Programs: Elevate your skills and knowledge through our comprehensive training programs. Our expert-led sessions, workshops, and hands-on activities are designed to empower professionals across diverse sectors, providing practical insights and real-world applications.

Innovative Exhibitions: Step into the future with our exhibitions that showcase cutting-edge technologies, groundbreaking solutions, and industry innovations. Immerse yourself in live demonstrations, interactive workshops, and networking zones, offering a firsthand experience of the latest advancements in your field.


Upcoming Events

Decentralized 360 🔗
November 27 - 28
Muscat, OM
2 Days
Echolumina Expo
Echolumina Expo
Middle East
Education Technology Summit
Middle East

Our Events

Rotating Machinery Reliability & Technology


New Age of Cybersecurity


Edge Computing Conference & Exhibition

Middle East

Maintenance and Reliability

Industry 4.0 Conference


2nd Annual Maintenance and Reliability

Industry 4.0 Conference


3rd Annual Maintenance and Reliability

Industry 4.0 Conference

South Africa

4th Annual Maintenance and Reliability

Industry 4.0 Conference

Middle East

Digital Transformation Summit

Middle East

HealthTech Conference


Certified Maintenance and Reliability Training and Certification